BPUC specializes in Assisted Living On Site Care, meaning instead of any residents needing to leave the facility for medical care, we bring the personalized care in to your facility and to each resident.
This service offers an array of benefits for the families, facilities, and most importantly, the residents.


Families and Residents

  • Residents form a personal relationship with their Primary Care Provider.
  • BPUC does not charge a visit or trip fee. Other on-site care providers charge up to $75-$100 per visit
  • Providers can closely monitor the overall health and changes that occur over time. We provide treatment plans accordingly.
  • Regular on-going care of the elderly helps them to maintain a better quality of life. This prevents illnesses and accidents that would otherwise send them out of their facility.
  • Transportation cost and time are markedly reduced
  • Trips to ER, Urgent Care and hospitalizations are greatly reduced.
  • Time spent waiting for orders and signatures from outside doctor offices is decreased from days or weeks to merely hours or minutes.
  • Frequent monitoring of existing conditions greatly reduces illnesses, infections and frequency of falls.
  • These services result in reduced medical expenses and better quality of life.


  • We are physically present in the facility at a regularly scheduled time each week
  • Offer your residents choices (we do not require a contract and you may keep your current on-site provider if applicable
  • This eliminates your transportation time (No more long waits in doctor’s offices!)
  • Lower transportation costs to facilities by 90%
  • We extend the stay of individuals in the facilities, increasing revenue up to 7%
  • Reduced trips to ER, thereby reducing medical expenses
  • Reduced urinary tract infections and pneumonia’s, with fewer transfers out
  • Close attention to and investigation of falls
  • Liberal use of hospice and physical therapy consults
  • Telephone availability after hours
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year access to practice
  • HIPPA compliant electronic health records with patient portal
  • No hidden fees or trip charges
  • Services covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurance
  • All of our services are provided to you at zero cost