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Founded by Dr.Samuel Bowen, BPUC Assisted Living On-Site Care provides quality, convenient, and compassionate medical care directly to Assisted Living Communities all across North Carolina and Virginia.

Our experienced team of physicians work under the supervision of our medical director to produce care plans that serve to enhance
the quality of life for our patients, as well as providing many benefits to our partnering facilities.

Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality and most efficient care available to individuals in assisted living.

Residents will be treated by the same medical professional on a regular basis. Compassion is at the forefront of our operation with professionals who are highly skilled in the care of elderly and full time patients.

Having the most up to date knowledge paired with seasoned experience makes us a health care group for whom there is no parallel.

_At BPUC our focus is on preventative care, extending lifetime, and improving the quality of life for our patients_

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your services work?

BPUC has an experienced team of providers located all throughout North Carolina and parts of Virginia. We send those providers on campus to our partnering facilities once a week to provide primary care to our patients in the comfort of their own rooms.

How much do your services cost to the facility/resident?

Our services are 100% free to the facility. We do not charge any trip fees to the patient and we accept medicaid, medicare, and many other private insurances.

Do you require a contract to be signed?

We do not require a contract from the facility nor the individual patient. To view a list of necessary paper work, click here. 

BPUC TeleMedicine Program

We are excited to announce our upcoming TeleMedicine program. Telemedicine is a two-way, real-time interactivetelehealth-300x280 communication between a patient and healthcare provider that makes receiving care more convenient than ever.  Our telemedicine program will be a beneficial addition to your community as it allows for quick access in situations where distance or scheduling conflicts may arise. Check back for updates and more information soon.