BPUC specializes in Assisted Living On Site Care, bringing personalized care in to your facility and to each resident.
This service offers an array of benefits for the families, facilities, and most importantly, the residents.

How BPUC helps families and residents…

Our practitioners hold over twenty years of experience, allowing them to provide you with the best possible medical care. The difference is in the way our practitioners truly care about each any every individual. Click here for more information on how becoming a BPUC patient will enhance your everyday life.


How BPUC helps facilities

In addition to full access of our state of the art Electronic Medical Records system, our dedicated team at BPUC ensures that you have 24 hour access to customer service, an on call practitioner, and an increase in revenue. Best of all, we bring these services at no cost to the facility. Click here to learn more about what a partnership with BPUC will do for your facility.