BPUC currently has nine, experienced and caring mid-level providers to visit Assisted Living Communities on a weekly basis.  Each of our physicians work under the direct supervision of our Medical Director, Dr.Samuel Bowen. 

Click the name of each provider to read over their resume.

Connie Kurth, PA-C -serves the Hickory/Lenoir area.

Amy Espinoza, FNP -serves the Fayetteville area.

Leslie King, AGNP -serves the Charlotte/Greensboro area.

Angela Kellermeyer, PA -serves the Charlotte area.

Matt Ward, PA-C –serves the Raleigh area.

Dan Radulescu, ANP-C –serves the Wilmington area.

Joy Ciaccio, FNP-C –serves the Flat Rock/Brevard area.

Pamela “Kat” Schmierer, FNP-C –serves the Wilmington area.

Carolyn Mueller– FNP-C –serves the Lenoir/Hickory/Morganton area.

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